"Everyone experiences, and enjoys music differently.

I welcome everyone out there to join us on this journey, including the ladies,

to great musical, and cinematic pleasures, with some of finest the world has to offer...

And then, enjoy it with your family, friends, colleagues, in the comfort of your home."


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Kenneth Walter De Souza, is an accomplished classical musician (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxophone), conductor, audio and home theater enthusiast, as well as a financial advisor. His passion for music has led him to build up remarkable credentials - 10 years School Band Conductor, achieving numerous awards both locally and internationally. Awarded back-to-back distinctions, 1st Runner Up in the Australian National Band Competition, conducted numerous concerts in Singapore's Esplanade Concert Hall and Victoria Concert Hall. 

​Kenneth has performed under the baton of many distinguished conductors, including Timothy Reynish (UK) Shuichi Komiyama (USA, Japan) & Dr. Robert Helselth (USA). He also participated in saxophone master classes by Dr. Vincent Gnojek (USA), Shin-ichiro Hikosaka (Japan), Joshua Redman (USA), Joshua Hyde (Australia), Vincent Daoud (France) and numerous other professionals, as well as the Singapore Armed Forces Central Band for World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles (WASBE).

He also has performed with the Philharmonic Winds, BDA(S) Symphonic Band, Windstars Wind Orchestra, Thomson Jazz Band, Jazznutz Big Band, WindWerkz Big Band, Tanglin Rose Big Band and has guest played in numerous concerts for community bands and alumni bands besides he’s own alma mater, St Patrick's School. Kenneth also performed a few times as a soloist for rock bands and other jazz gigs. He was last seen on National TV during the Singapore's President's Star Charity event. 

Kenneth provides insights from a musician's and a conductor's point of view, appreciating audio reproduction from a different perspective, he also aptly advises clients regarding safeguarding their systems for a peace of mind.  



A first-class graduate of the prestigious Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) founded by Sir Paul McCartney of The Beatles, Melodie has a unique combination of background in communications, leadership, education, project management & marketing in the music industry in a span of 15 years. She is also a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, and also has a Diploma in Percussion Performance by The Association Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM), and a Diploma in Music & Audio Technology.

Melodie’s experiences include heading the Marketing & Communications team at an established music instrument distribution company, which includes event organization, conducting and hosting workshops to enable musicians to experience classical music more intimately, in a modern context. She was also a music educator and production manager with an established music production company, also teaching percussion and handbells in Singapore.

Her passion to serve the music community has landed her with multiple opportunities to work with different music companies locally and internationally. Her professionally recorded music can be found on Spotify, and YouTube. 

Highly equipped with Audio Engineering Know-How, in addition to being Music Professional, and a musician with recordings under her belt, and possessing an extremely keen, pitch-perfect listening, Melodie brings yet another dimension to client's journey of the art of music appreciation. Her meticulous, perfectionist nature ensures her projects are fulfilled in the same meticulous manner. 


At TriTone, we honour and respect the great artists, directors, movie, music, game makers, producers, sound engineers, that have given us the gift to enjoy music and movies. 


We are committed to deliver the finest music & movie systems, and rooms by merging the TriTone approach, with select partners and products that help bring our designs to life. We are strict on our systems' performance always, and take no short-cuts to achieve the best possible performance in every room & condition. 

This has given birth to the need for room design services, which has expanded to themed theatres, private screening rooms, studio environment rooms, and control systems that make your fittings controlled in the palm of your hand. The most challenging obstacles have been to deliver high-performance systems in less-than-ideal acoustic environments. But through experience and developing our scientific approach, we have consistently delivered high-performance systems in less-than-ideal spaces. We want to deliver the best sound possible in any room. 


We believe in a unique and customised consulting experience for each and every client. Every client listens differently. Every room is different. Every client wants to use his or her system differently. ​We consult to home owners, developers, interior designers, and business owners. We deliver bespoke solutions for AV and Automation, tailored to you. Different cultures, one-of-a-kind challenges. 


​"Mervyn & the TriTone team have helped me understand the art and science of music appreciation, from the recording process, the engineering,

mastering, and pressing. This has helped me love my system more. TriTone even invited me to a live saxophone recording in their listening space and without editing, demonstrated the precise reproduction of his system. It was spot-on.

I have spent more than 20 years in this hobby, buying and selling, and losing value of my components in the process. From the time I was introduced to Mervyn, my system has only grown better. I stopped moving sideways. 

We developed my room, with partial acoustic treatment, diffusing and absorbing, and to fine tune it to a "T", we added a Room Correction DSP into it, the frequency response in-room was treated to +/-3.25dB. Best investment I made in my system.

Months later, he developed an idea of personalised listening, and formulated a way to conduct tests on my listening, he voiced my system from the results of my test. I have to say, it is leaps and bounds better than any system I've heard, even at three times the price, or at least as good. My current system is worth almost $100,000, mono-blocks and the works. ​I have no desire of changing my system now. It is so good. Okay, hopefully those Legacy speakers soon!

- Mr. LC Wong

"The engagement of music involves achieving proper tone, timing, and staging and imaging.

When the system sounds right, it is easy to immerse yourself in music engaging the mind, body, and soul.

I've experienced this euphoria, and this must be shared."


"Where time is our most precious commodity, we aim to empower every full system we design in every room to deliver with the best possible way to experience music, movies, and games. So our clients who become our friends, enjoy every second of it, every time."



Principle System Designer and MD of TriTone, Mervyn Augustine Loh, has been awarded numerous times for system design & installation since 2011 (international award), right up to 2017, with the most recent being awarded back-to-back "Best Home Entertainment System Award" under the "BEST OF" AWARDS 2016 and 2017 by Singapore Tatler.

He occasionally contributes tips and guides for DIYers and enthusiasts in print and online media with regards to music and home theatre systems, and has also contributed loudspeaker and cable designs and solutions to renowned manufacturers.  His inclinations are especially in loudspeaker, and amplifier designs. Mervyn is also mentioned in a few USA based online magazines such as, and

A semi-professional performance and recording musician and recording engineer from the age of 17, Mervyn offers experience and perspectives in the recording processes translating to high-end audio reproduction. 

Trained in THX, ISF, and CEDIA standards especially in the field of advanced home theatre design. Mervyn is also McMaster certified, a certificate given by one of the most prestigious AV manufacturers in the world, McIntosh Labs. Mervyn also recently spearheaded a growing relationship with DTS Singapore, with TriTone calibrating and voicing the Studio / Demonstration Room. 

Mervyn's family heritage in the Hi-Fi industry dates back from 1929, when his maternal great grandfather started Ong Radio, the longest established Hi-Fi company in Singapore. His father was the first distributor of Legacy Audio in the region. With his technical inclinations bordering obsession, you might say that "it's in the blood".