$150,000 will include: 

- High-End, Full Range front end speakers, with dedicated power amplifier(s) for the front 3 speakers. 

- Dolby Atmos / DTS : X format speaker system

- Full HD Projection System with a 120" Acoustically Transparent Screen

- Two Tier seating

- Automated lighting and Cinema System controls

- Custom programmed remote control

- Fully balanced subwoofer systems for even bass distribution. 

- Acoustic Isolation based on sound transmission coefficient standards. 

​- Acoustic Treatment to minimize reverberation, and expanding sound stage for pure stereo music sessions. 

​- Feature wall construction with acoustics in mind. 

- Dedicated zone for networking / Wifi

- Voice Command operable lighting and AV control, with an activity based remote system

TRITONE'S PRIVATE SCREENING ROOM (Awarded 'Best in Singapore' 2 years running)

One of TriTone's most popular designs featuring High-End Audiophile approach with a large pair of stereo 'extreme' range of speakers in front of the screen. 

This design provides our clients with the ability to experience vivid, 3-dimensional music staging using just two speakers when seated in the center row of seats. 

Beyond this, the center channel is positioned critically where it images best when watching a movie, while surround speakers are calculated to the degree in width and height relative to the seats. 

The electronics used in this set up equates to using extreme high-end performance commonly associated with very high-end stereo systems, but for ALL channels, and this is scalable to even more channels where necessary, depending on the number or rows of seats. 

A lot of our clients choose this approach and design to further bespoke their system based on their requirements. 

The acoustics of the room is designed to a minimum, intentionally. When we started this room, we wanted to demonstrate how with proper use of physics, we are able optimize our systems that have them perform better than others 3-4 times the price. Safe to say, we have succeeded at first try - it's a matter of implementing the science. 

For an dedicated space that's about 4.4 meters by 8 meters, accommodating 3 recliners and space for another row, for extreme high-end audiophile and a private cinema performance, a comfortable budget of $250,000.00 (SGD) will cover everything, including well-designed acoustics. 

​What will you get with $250,000? 

- Performance comparative to other well-designed, and branded systems at $300,000 - $750,000, without performance compromise, in fact, you might even get better results, that can be experienced, and measured. 

- Full Range front end speakers, with no compromise to sound, even for the most critical audiophile. 

- 4K Video Technology, and a 120" to 140" screen, depending on preference. 

- Movie capable of 4K video & Music Library System for the ultimate convenience and state-of-the-art performance. 

- State-of-the-art Processing / Pre-Amp for extreme high-end performance for ALL channels.

- Personalized sound for the Audiophile in the house. 

- Personalized Touch Screen Controls, custom for the equipment to be used, and personalized for the family. Makes an intricate system simple to operate. 

- Lighting Control System to dim the lights, and set things into motion from the moment you walk into the room, to the time the movie begins, until you leave.

- Voice Command option available. 

- Leather or Fabric Motorized Recliners, or Sofas.

- Two-Tier Seating.

- Balanced Bass throughout the room, instead of hearing bass on one side of the room, or worse, at a corner of a room. 

- A curtain system for the screen.

- High-End, science and engineering based cables. 

- Professional Racking Systems. 

- Feature Wall Carpentry, with isolation designed for minimal vibration transference to speakers between speakers. 

- TriTone's VIP service and maintenance schemes, inclusive of system insurance.

- Dedicated zone for networking / Wifi

Contact us to find out what we can do for you.  


High-Performance Private Cinema, Full-Range Audiophile system, and a Full HD Video system. 

This Private, two-tier cinema consists of 13 speakers, and 4 Subwoofers

​A larger room than the TriTone's Private Screening Room, where the Cinema portion outweigh the Audiophile portion, and when you're waiting for 4K projector prices to come down, with acoustically isolated walls and ceiling, controlled sound pressure levels for the air-con, a ventilation system for the electronics, custom programmed remote control, and a dehumidifier for basement issues. 

This room is 6 meters wide, by 8 meters long. 

Inclusive of a Movie Library, with a Movie Storage and Archiving system, allowing users to purchase High-Definition, Studio-Quality movies online, and a processor that does advanced calibration, and a system infrastructure that allows expandability for music around the house. 

An all-in, comfortable budget of $120,000 will cover everything, including acoustics and carpentry. 

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Extreme High-End Audiophile System, with a Video focused Living Room Home Theater

Many find that living in high-rise apartments means settling for a television, and living with constant reflections from your surroundings, to add-on, that owning a High-End audio system in a living room would be a waste because one can never get the most of his system. Furthermore, having a projection system in the living room compromises the aesthetics of the ceiling. This was a challenging project, but with meticulous design, it turned out perfect. 

This is a thing of the past for our TriTone systems and approach. 

1. Our Legacy Aeris System with the Wavelet processor allows perfect alignment of sound, as well as timing, so that the listener can fully enjoy his music system in his non-dedicated listening room - the living room. 

2. Our video projection system allows exposure to ambient light while still enjoying high-quality, larger than life videos and programs. Using unique screen technologies, and well-engineered projection systems. 

3. A projection lift was used, and meticulously designed to stay out of the way when it came to the design. 

This system features a 7.2 audio system in a luxurious apartment with a sea view, with the view of the city scape. Featuring the Legacy Aeris in Custom Satin White Finish, and a suite of McIntosh Labs electronics. 

Our Chief Designer, Mervyn Augustine was given an international award for the design and installation of this project. 


High-Performance Music and Movie System in an Apartment, with Bespoke Cabinetry

Featuring the Legacy Expression Left and Right speakers with Custom AMT, and a Cinema HD Center Speaker, powered by a Yamaha Aventage AV Receiver, this system not only delivers High-End Sounds, at a very reasonable price. The Aventage was selected due to its advanced calibration capabilities allowing our team to manually measure and adjust the system based on the room's environment. 

The cabinet is a bespoke design, matching the finishes of the kitchen's built-in cabinets, which are seen through glass, within close proximity. This bespoke cabinet was designed to show-no-cables, while separating as much as possible, the power cables from the signal cables. 

The legs of the cabinet were designed to minimize cabinet contact with the floor, while still being able to maintain the cleanliness under the cabinet.