MAL AV Research began as a boutique company focused on the research of High-Fidelity Music Systems and Video Display Systems. After extensive research  MAL decided that cables and custom speaker solutions offerings required more attention to sound quality and at better price : performance ratio, thus began designing and developing products that relied more on science and performance with "High-Fidelity" as their guiding principle, rather than marketing and packaging. MAL has since developed projection screens, from ambient light rejection screens to state-of-the-art acoustically transparent screens and power amplifiers.

The result is High-End performance, delivering "Maximum Signal Transfer" and "Maximum Current Delivery" in their cables, and clean, non-intrusive looking custom install speakers with high-quality parts, resulting in superior, "giant-killing" sound- a most intriguing value proposition. MAL products are designed for applications in Home Cinema, High-End Hi-Fi, and Professional / Studio Monitoring Systems. 

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From Zurich, Switzerland, Piega is committed to building premium quality transducers in an aesthetically pleasing cabinet. They have remained true to this principle over the past decades and the philosophy has not become a "paper tiger" - chasing paper specifications for the sake. Innovativeness, the sophisticated use of materials and courage for new challenges are the key to the construction of loudspeakers with constantly better sound reproduction.
Piega was founded in 1986 by Leo Greiner and Kurt Scheuch, Piega prides herself in their craftsmanship, their proprietary ribbon tweeters as well as the coaxial ribbon system, and their seamless housing. 
Precise work, independent thinking and great pleasure in design of the product as well as music are the basic requirements for their motivated employees. 
Their two highlights, the ribbon technology and seamless aluminium housings are responsible for the outstanding sound characteristics for their loudspeakers. Their LDR (Linear Drive Ribbon) tweeter ribbons and the coaxial ribbon system are build based on strong magnetic field and an extremely thin, partially embossed foil. The Coaxial System's acoustic center of the entire mid-range, and the high frequencies are precisely at the same point on the X,Y, and Z axes, translating to a very accurate point source. 
The seamless housing is pressed from a single aluminium block. The optimal damping prevents any intrinsic resonance and the natural sound reproduction is one such key benefit. The Piega speaker is easily identifiable in look, and immersive in sound. 

Luxury seating at its finest, Rasike was founded to provide top quality Cinema seating experience. Each of Rasike chairs are designed in Belgium, and then hand-crafted in their eastern European factory. Choose from fine Italian leather, velvet and suede, luxurious style and comfort seats are ready to sit fittingly in your private cinema. 

Founded in 1980, Krell Industries is the world's premier manufacturer of high performance audio and video equipment. Its amplifiers, preamplifiers, surround-sound processors, stream players and loudspeakers have won acclaim in countless reviews and among audiophiles worldwide. Krell Industries, LLC designs and manufactures high performance audio and video equipment for serious music enthusiasts and home theater aficionados. Every Krell component is a unique synthesis of science and art. Recorded performances are, by their very nature, works born of passion. Our goal is to bring that passion to life in your home. From source to loudspeakers, Krell components reproduce the definitive music and home theater experience based on the principles of innovative engineering, impeccable build quality, and unerring accuracy in sonic reproduction.



Bespoke Control Systems

Smart Lights

Theta Digital designs and manufacturers state-of-the-art audio components in its facility in Montebello, CA. With impeccable style, world-class cosmetic designs and leading-edge audio circuitry, Theta Digital components are a fitting accompaniment for the finest possible audio and video systems.

Since their inception in 1986, Theta Digital has built a reputation for designing some of the best digital to analog converters, and their upgradable and customisable designs​ like in the performance-unparalleled processor, the Casablanca IV, to their Dreadnaught Amplifiers, which allows a custom configuration very aligned with TriTone's approach, in top-notch quality and design. 


First-Class listening pleasure awaits with VIABLUE cables, thanks to their outstanding quality,  state-of-the-art production methods, with exclusive materials, ensuring the highest precision, offering a range of cables, accessories, and connectors.

ViaBlue cables are Pure OFC Copper, Silver plating, and real gold plating on the plug contacts. 

While developing them from state-of-the-art 3D CAD technologies, resulting in an extremely transparent signal and current transmission. 

Theta digital

XTZ places emphasis on building a global network of engineers, technicians and producers who recognise the importance of great audio quality. A passion for auditory content, combined with the experience of an extraordinary team, allows XTZ to offer high-end, yet affordable products. Starting with high fidelity monitoring options, the XTZ portfolio has diversified to include home theatre speakers, sub-woofers, amplifiers, measuring equipment and headphones.

Professional Network Technologies

mal av research

Discover an immersive world of big-screen entertainment in 2D and 3D with Home Cinema projectors by Sony. Enjoy movies, games and more with clear, bright, high-contrast images and richly cinematic colours. Experience four times the detail of Full HD in your living room with 4K Home Cinema projectors.

When AVENTAGE was introduced in 2010, this new top rated AV receiver series represented a dramatic, inspired leap forward with best in class audio/video component design. AVENTAGE brought studio grade sound and sophisticated video enhancements to your home with unparalleled attention to detail in design, engineering and fabrication. Every electrical path, every part, every piece, was rethought and redesigned if necessary to achieve total performance excellence throughout the series. Materials were tested thoroughly and the finest were selected to maximize performance. Details that at first glance would not seem to affect the quality of sight, sound and control were brought together in AVENTAGE components and, in the end, produced a work of visual and acoustic art.

AVENTAGE series also includes the truly formidable MUSIC CAST Feature allowing all MUSIC CAST enabled products to sync together for synergistic expansion of music around the home, and multi-level studio. Supporting virtually all formats, especially those associated with the highest quality, uncompressed, lossless, and all other popular formats. 

The calibration software included in the AVENTAGE series provide flexibility unfounded with even against processors many times the cost, something even a professional sound engineer and acoustician would really appreciate. 

Pure Class A Power Amplifier Design - State-of-the-Art Audiophile Class Topology
iBias Technology - Intelligent Biasing, high efficiency, cool operation
Balanced Design Topology - low noise 
Current domain signal gain
700 VA & 787 VA toroidal transformers
Fully direct-coupled with no capacitors in the audio signal path
Independent complementary pre driver and driver stages - linear output

AC infinity

Novaris is an Australian manufacturer of power filters and surge protection. Having developed technologies to ensure clean power while protecting your home, office, and especially your beloved technologies and Hi-Fi components, Novaris is a must have component in every set up. 

From USA, Illinois, Legacy Audio handcrafts the finest loudspeakers since 1983.

The quality standard is the same for the flagship commercial speaker system as the bookshelf system.

Legacy Audio’s speakers are renowned for establishing reference level performance in home theatre and audiophile systems; used in Grammy Award Winning studios, advocated by some of the most revered names in the music industry, and high-end, high-performance cinemas. 

Complete Automation

Screen Innovations has always done things a bit differently. Founded in 2004 out of Ryan Gustafson’s garage, Screen Innovations set out to completely revolutionize the projector screen industry. We like to say that “Innovation is our DNA” because the building blocks of our company, our essence, thrives on creating products that challenge the industry by thinking outside the dedicated theater room. Today, SI operates from Austin, Texas. 

At first, projection screens needed a dark room dedicated to their use. Seeing this limitation, Screen Innovations created Black Diamond™, the first and only projector screen to reject 85% of ambient light in both horizontal and vertical planes. For the first time ever, you could now enjoy watching the game in your living room, with all the lights on. Watching movies and playing games on the big screen suddenly became an experience anyone could enjoy in any environment! 


We've represent brands and products that have been carefully selected, and are finely aligned with our commitment to delivering superior sound. With our wide range of products, it offers clients the opportunity to choose from sleek and simple Lifestyle Systems to grand, Statement Systems, for homes, studios, and cinemas. 

tritone is proud to be appointed exclusive DISTRIBUTORS for Legacy Audio, MAL AV Research, Soulnote Japan & Theta Digital,  XTZ Sweden and AC Infinity

Apart from these brands, tritone carefully curates select products from other brands such as Accuphase, Autonomic Inc., Aventage by Yamaha, DreamVision Projectors, Kaleidescape Inc., Krell Industries LLC, McIntosh Labs, Optoma Projectors, Piega Switzerland, Screen Excellence Screens, Screen Innovation Screens, Sony projectors, and other quality brands that allow us to deliver a high-quality, high performance solution. 


Autonomic Controls, Inc. is the leading innovator of digital media solutions for integrators and manufacturers in the custom electronics industry, with innovations since 2006.

Engineered exclusively for custom integration, the world’s first cloud-based media server connects music lovers to the greatest selection and highest quality of content. Sync, schedule, control and distribute multiple streams of audio to all zones and locations. The experience is limited only by your design.

Autonomic's multi-award winning media servers and control system modules are the industry standard for controlling iTunes, Windows Media, Pandora, Rhapsody, TuneIn, Slacker, and SiriusXM Internet Radio. 

KRELL Industries

Lighting Controls, UK


Kaleidescape's products and services provide the best way to enjoy movies in your home. Kaleidescape is known for developing award-winning movie servers, giving consumers the ability to download Blu-ray quality movies, and a rich Movie Guide that unlocks the magic of a personal movie collection. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. 

When only the finest quality television displays will do, tritone selects Loewe TV. 

​​Quality is recognisable - For over 90 years, Loewe has invented television, as we today know it. Throughout this time, we have kept our "Made in Germany" promise. The company's development, production and service departments are still based in Kronach (Upper Franconia). With good reason: from here, we build long-term partnerships with our suppliers; our employees work here with huge dedication and take great pride in striving to meet the highest quality standards - and to continue to exceed them. We feel that we remain as young and dynamic as a start-up company: the desire for reinvention is what drives us. This combination of innovation, expertise and unique experience gives us our advantage when competing with the "big players" in our industry.

​Over the years, Loewe has produced truly meaningful "Made in Germany" innovations, focusing exclusively on technologies bringing genuine user benefits. This helps to explain the enduring appeal of Loewe's classically minimalist designs, standing the test of time and maintaining their premium value. All coming together to create the smartest possible entertainment systems: designed to integrate seamlessly in your life.

Since the Golden Age of Audio, McIntosh Laboratory, Inc. has defined the highest quality in sound reproduction and continues to set the standard for performance and reliability in fine audio and home theater systems. McIntosh is still hand-crafted in New York by a dedicated staff whose contributions have shaped the foundation of the company into the institution it is recognized as today. Their furious dedication to design integrity and innovation has resulted in more than 35 patents for McIntosh Laboratory.

TriTone selects McIntosh Tubes because it takes remarkable craft to bring tube technologies to life, optimized against today’s solid-state, or transistor components. To extend this quality from Precision Stereo to High-End Home Theatre, TriTone offers McIntosh Home Theatre Systems as well, and features all sources imaginable, from turntables to music servers and even Blu-Ray Players. 




Laser Projectors



DLP Projectors

The name ACCUPHASE was adapted by taking the prefix ACCU from the word "accurate", and combining it with PHASE, which is an important factor in audio technology. It is a fitting brand name to describe Accuphase that fully portrays this and other important characteristics, which penetrate the innermost depth of audio technology. Their endless pursuit of quality requires a very high degree of processing which persuades them to avoid the use of mass production systems. Consequently, product volume is limited and Accuphase products are available only at a select number of specialized stores. 

Accuphase is an electronics company that produces some of the finest components in the high-fidelity audio industry. Their components such as the SACD/CD players, fully balanced design Pre-Amplifiers, their Class A & Class A/B amplifiers, and their integrated amplifiers have won numerous awards around the world and especially in Japan's Grand-Prix annual reviews, is a testament to their meticulous manufacturing and great designs. Accuphase products are made in Yokohama, Japan. 

Perfect Acoustically Transparent Screen, Cables, and Power Amplifiers by MAL. Designed and installed by tritone
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Home AV Electronics

AC Infinity engineers are drawn from a wide range of disciples: acoustics, electronics, structural, and fluid dynamics. Working together, they construct prototype after prototype to settle on a final product that promotes the latest technologies, features a durable design, and assembled to last. AC Infinity's innovative ventilation systems are known as the finest ventilation system available in the world for home theatre, hifi, and server systems. 



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Home AV Electronics

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SoulNote’s heritage spans before 1982, when the current President of CSR, Inc. Mr. Nakazawa and his team of engineers developed many of the finest CD players since CD's very own introduction.

 “Music and Audio are to be considered as one” is the approach SoulNote undertakes. Instead of undertaking measurement numbers, the engineers, who are also musicians, of whom some are professionals, take great care in developing and voicing SoulNote’s products with some of the finest, musical micro-components available. Referencing recording sessions, from studio work to ambient sounds associated with the orchestra, every single tonal information was picked-up and ensured they were represented in their components. SoulNote’s products passed “severe scrutinizing” by Chief Recording Engineers at world-class recording studios in Japan, and is considered part of their development of products.Bridging two phenomenon; the recording stage and the listening stage, hence the phrase “Sound Resonating to the Soul” was coined as SoulNote’s slogan. 


Located in Paris and managed by Jean Claude YOUNES, this French company was born in 1982, being the First Company to import video projectors into the French Market.

Jean-Claude YOUNES started in 1986 to import and distribute the Vidikron brand (one of the legendary projectors from the 80's and 90's), developping an innovating marketing policy based on the slogan « Le Cinéma à la Maison » (The Home Cinema). He established a strong retailers network in France, choosing them amongst the High End Hi-fi independent retail stores and Customs Installers.

Using this rich 30 years experience and willing to share his passion for the Home Cinema, Jean Claude YOUNES decided to create his own brand in 1996, based on a simple concept :
- To make people Dream, and so, to deliver High-End projectors.
- To bring the Dream back Home, and so, to propose middle-range to high-end relatively "affordable" products.

Utlizing LCoS based technology and superior processing, DreamVision projectors deliver

top-end performance for the most critical videophiles, and up to date with 4K video technology. 

Hailing from Utah, USA, TruAudio provides a full line of premium custom install speakers, luxury outdoor speaker systems, and high-performance home theatre. TruAudio is constantly on the cutting edge of speaker technology and innovation, striving to raise the bar when it comes to speaker design.

Located in Suffolk, England since 2008, Screen Excellence manufacturers only the highest quality acoustically transparent projection screens for high-end home cinema and private cinema installations.

Stay ahead with projection technologies with the JVC D-ILA TRUE 4K Projectors, and even with 8K e-shift projectors. JVC D-ILA presents a natural image, flexible placement, and versatile memory lens between 16:9 formats and anamorphic, cinemascope formats. 

State-of-the Art HDMI Matrix System