Love the sound of an old pair of speaker, but you've got blown drivers, or need to re-cone a driver, or even a busted crossover, and can't get them fixed? TriTone offers loudspeaker repairs, and optimisation. 


Apart from the technical know-how, TriTone prides ourselves with our service.
A great convenience is always having to deal with one-party, just like a concierge for all your audio and home theatre needs., or appoint TriTone to manage and coordinate with your own professional service vendors.  


​Bespoke design, High-End Performance. Full-Fledged TriTone Private Cinemas begin from the planning, designing and conceptualisation, meticulous project management and building, installation and calibration, to even personalised post commissioning services.

We also have TriTone's Maintenance Service Schemes for regular system checks to ensure your systems are performing to standards, and to check system health for longer system lifespan. We clean, and care for your system as we do for our own - we look into every aspect of building Private Cinemas. Set your mind at ease with TriTone. ​​Experience the performance of our Private Screening Room at our showroom. See "CONTACT US" to know where we are. 


A deep understanding of sound translates to designing acoustic rooms or speaker placement optimal for the environment it is placed in.

Room modes are calculated and interior décor is worked around the inescapable ”phenomenon” of the way sound reacts to its environment, to ensure that minimal system tweaking has to be done to avoid multi-layering of electronic components.

specialist contractors

While this service started for use with our services, we have been requested to extend this service to customers who already have bought their systems, but need help with the installation, routing cables, installing TVs, Screens, Projectors, In-Ceiling Speakers, In-Wall / On-Wall speakers, 

we provide this service to help you along your journey. 

Not limited to end-users, other AV businesses have also engaged TriTone to install their systems. 



Reliable WIFI coverage for the whole home & advanced networking. 


Already have an existing system, but feel there’s room for improvement or perhaps you feel the need to check the health of your speakers after having owned them for many years? TriTone has the expertise and our proprietary tools & devices to check for performance standards. We are able to produce technical speaker reports right down to the driver (woofer & tweeters) level.Already have an existing system, but feel there’s room for improvement or perhaps you feel the need to check the health of your speakers after having owned them for many years? TriTone has the expertise and our proprietary tools & devices to check for performance standards. We are able to produce technical speaker reports right down to the driver (woofer & tweeters) level.

If you are looking to sell your speakers, or buy speakers, get them certified for measurements to make sure everything is working correctly. 

Graphs will be provided as prove of the check and the consistency between each speaker. 


You might be able to tell right about now that we are bordering obsession with this business. You are quite right. We are here to help too. 

Even if your system is not from us, you still can sign up with TriTone's System Maintenance packages for us to regularly check your system, clean and maintain your set, and ensure they are performing to standards, TriTone system health checks encourages a longer lifespan. 


TriTone provides services to all Legacy Audio & Theta Digital owners who have previously bought from other distributors or dealers; as distributors, we will look after your interest and products. Just drop us an email on the "CONTACT US" page, or bring your components down to our showroom. If it's too inconvenient, give us a call, we can arrange to visit you to have a look. 


Private Cinema and Professional Public Cinema Designs are a large part of TriTone. We also supply High-Performance Cinema Loudspeakers and High-Performance Cinema Power Amplifiers with DSP to achieve perfection in sound for every speaker. 


TriTone designs LIVE Sound Systems and provides high-performance loudspeakers for Recording, Monitoring, Private & Public Performance, and even Karaoke systems. Leave the sound to TriTone, and focus on creating your best work. 



Design and building of loudspeakers just for you. Taking you through the driver selection process, advising on the cabinet design, crossover design, driver configuration, or active speakers too, to ensure top performance. The result is a bespoke speaker that fits your personality, living space, or the way you listen. 



TriTone offers acoustic consultation for your listening space to enhance the audio presentation of your system.


TriTone offers professional home theatre system calibration services to end users as well as fellow AV businesses. 


At TriTone, understanding sound is probably the most important competency. It is our understanding there is a perfect system available in this industry, contrary to public belief. However, it is only attainable through a bespoke approach. TriTone understands and places high importance in understanding the way our clients listen, how sensitive their ears are, finally shaping a bespoke system through advanced methodologies that is incorporated in our flagship and turn-key systems.
The understanding and using of the right speaker systems is crucial in providing TriTone the platform to unleash absolute sound to the listener. Our products are a brilliantly engineered tools to help us achieve our grand goal. Best-in-class audio / video performance.  


All-In-One Controls for your Private Cinema, High-End Audio System, Lifestyle AV System makes your life easier. 

Enhance this experience with our custom graphic user interface, designed & developed specially for you- the way you want to use your system. 

Expand this to controlling your home- lights, shades, air-conditioner, pipe-in music, view your surveillance, answer the door, all from one app. 

Design your home or office controls with us- choose wired installation or retrofit type systems that replaces your manual wall switches to smart-enabled controls. 


Understanding speakers and their designs and applications are key indicators to how they will perform in any given environment.
TriTone’s in-depth know-how on translating the science of speaker design to our clients provides consistent, high performing systems. This also allows clients to better appreciate their subscribed speaker designs.
TriTone is able to measure just about any speaker to reverse engineer the given speaker’s intentions without market adaptation or any marketing fluff.  We are serious about sound, and serious about ensuring you get the best performance possible, especially in choosing the right speaker, and electronics. On the right is an image of the impedance response of a speaker that tells us what they are meant to produce, and how they are meant to sound in the most ideal environments. 


On the subject of our aural sense, studies have shown that we have different listening preferences from the next person, and many times, it is reasonable to say that no two persons hear the exact same way.
For audiophiles, you may notice your preference for the audio gear may differ drastically from another. 
At TriTone, we design audio systems to suit your unique listening palette with a special methodology and a scientific and observatory approach. The essence of the approach is that by the end of the first consult, we would have taken “our measurements”, enabling us to begin working with you to develop a bespoke audio system for you. 
Our understanding of acoustics and psychoacoustics are prerequisites. Physics of speakers are thoroughly understood. If you have a fervent interest in the world of High-Fidelity Audio, beyond just the acquisition, we are happy to take you through the “why’s” and the “how’s” to further your appreciation of music as an art-science.  

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With our expertise derived from designing AV systems and Control Systems, our services transcends beyond Private Cinema, and High-End Audio Systems. We use the same technical expertise required for our top-end systems to design commercial systems, ensuring performance always. 

We have designed systems for Restaurants, High-End Furniture Boutiques, Bars, Offices, VIP Board Rooms, Conference Rooms, Cooking Studios. 


We represent brands and products that have been carefully selected, and are finely aligned with our commitment to delivering superior sound. With our wide range of products, we offer clients the opportunity to choose from sleek and simple Lifestyle Systems to grand, Statement Systems, for homes & studios. See "PARTNERS / BRANDS" for the full list of brands we represent. Conveniently located at The Adelphi in City Hall, we have a dedicated room for music appreciation for you to audition our products. Click on "CONTACT US" to find out where we are. 

Our full systems start from $3,200 for a simple setup and more elaborate systems can go for as much as you allow it. There's plenty to choose from, so do feel free to visit us for a one-to-one consultation to find the perfect system for you. We also do have the occasional promotion, so check in-store, or drop us an email at contactus@tritoneav.com for enquiries.