Amassing more than 20 years of being in this industry, Edwin Teo brings a combination of experience and acute technical expertise from retail sales, commercial projects, large auditoriums, customer service, equipment repairs and system maintenance to the tritone family.

Edwin started his Audiophile journey as early as 9 years old, by the age 20, he bought his first McIntosh system, and by the age of 30, became the ambassador of Accuphase Labs in Singapore.

His fascination and interest has led him to develop a keen ear and eye for high-end audio, product finishing, workmanship, and artisanship.

Edwin’s clients would attest that he is very approachable, knowledgable, attentive, honest, and always has his client’s best interest at heart.



Kenneth Walter De Souza, is an accomplished classical musician (Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxophone), conductor, audio and home theater enthusiast, as well as a financial advisor.

His passion for music has led him to build up remarkable credentials ­ 10 years School Band Conductor, achieving numerous awards both locally and internationally. Awarded back­to­back distinctions, 1st Runner Up in the Australian National Band Competition, conducted numerous concerts in Singapore's Esplanade Concert Hall and Victoria Concert Hall. 

Kenneth provides insights from a musician's and a conductor's point of view, appreciating audio reproduction from a different perspective, he also aptly advises clients regarding safeguarding their systems for a peace of mind. 

Kenneth is a Masterpiece Diamond Ambassador, for more information, click here

We are committed to deliver the finest music & movie systems, and rooms by merging the TriTone approach, with select partners and products that help bring our designs to life. We are strict on our systems' performance always, and take no short­cuts to achieve the best possible performance in every room & condition.

This has given birth to the need for room design services, which has expanded to themed theatres, private screening rooms, studio environment rooms, and control systems that make your fittings controlled in the palm of your hand. The most challenging obstacles have been to deliver high­performance systems in less­-than-­ideal acoustic environments. But through experience and developing our scientific approach, we have consistently delivered high-­performance systems in less­than­-ideal spaces. We want to deliver the best sound possible in any room. 

"The engagement of music involves achieving proper tone, timing, staging and imaging.
When the system sounds right, it is easy to immerse yourself in music engaging the mind, body, and soul. I've experienced this euphoria, and this must be shared."


We believe in a unique and customised consulting experience for each and every client. Every client listens differently. Every room is different. Every client wants to use his or her system differently. We consult to home owners, developers, interior designers, and business owners. We deliver bespoke solutions for AV, WIFI and Automation, tailored to you. Different cultures, one-­of-­a-­kind challenges.

Even in our curation of components, we prefer a customised approach, from the selection of finishing, the customisation of wattage in amplifiers, bespoke loudspeaker designs, music system solutions such as incorporating transducer technologies in large wall panels. In the field of automation, our graphic user interface is also a customized experience, down to the tone of the buttons.

"Where time is our most precious commodity, we aim to empower every full system we design in every room to deliver the best possible experiences in music, movies, and games. So our clients who become our friends, enjoy every second of it, every time."

“I believe in always creating value for the client, and in building relationships. Clients in tritone more often grow from clients to friends. As we first begin to look out for their best interest, they too, in turn look out for us as well. All in all, it does make our humble community a better place to be,

that’s what tritone is about - and I’m glad to share our approach”.

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Principle System Designer and MD of TriTone, Mervyn Augustine Loh, has been awarded numerous times for system design & installation since 2011 (international award), "Best Home Entertainment System Award" under the "BEST OF" AWARDS 2016 and 2017 by Singapore Tatler. Achievement award from Legacy Audio for exemplary sales and service led by Mervyn Augustine.  

He occasionally contributes tips and guides for DIYers and enthusiasts in print and online media with regards to music and home theatre systems, and has also contributed loudspeaker, power supply, power amplifiers and cable designs and solutions to renowned manufacturers. His inclinations are especially in loudspeaker, and amplifier designs. Mervyn is also mentioned in a few USA based online magazines such as, and Mervyn was also invited to 938 Live to speak about tritone and the trends in the AV industry. 

A semi-­professional performance and recording musician and recording engineer from the age of 17, Mervyn offers experience and perspectives in the recording processes translating to high­-end audio reproduction.

Trained in THX, ISF, and CEDIA standards especially in the field of advanced home theatre design. Mervyn is also McMaster certified, a certificate given by one of the most prestigious AV manufacturers in the world, McIntosh Labs. Mervyn also recently spearheaded a growing relationship with DTS Singapore, with TriTone having calibrated and voiced the Studio / Demonstration Room.

Mervyn's family heritage in the Hi­Fi industry dates back from 1929, when his maternal great grandfather started Ong Radio, the longest established Hi­Fi company in Singapore. His father was the first distributor of Legacy Audio in the region. With his technical inclinations bordering obsession, you might say that "it's in the blood".