I had cobbled together a wifi network in my apartment which ended up with me having two different networks (requiring me to forcibly switch networks on my device when the other signal was better), too many different cables and gadgets. TriTone came in and just simplified my life, effortlessly. James was just wonderful, he came over to look at what I had, understood what I needed and recommended the right solution. It was entirely up to me to choose whether to purchase the necessary equipment from him or procure them directly online and installation was all done in a couple of hours. Professional, responsive and a pleasure to work with - highly recommend them for anyone looking to upgrade or like me, simplify their home network to make sure things just work.
- Mr. E Ching

The weak wifi at home was so frustrating. James from Tritone connect did an assessment and he installed a new MESH system which resolved my issues and made the speeds throughout the entire home faster! He also took the time to patiently connect my devices and explain what had been done. Service at its best!
- Mr & Mrs D, M, Tan


Highly recommending Tritone after a vastly positive experience with them on transforming my master bedroom into a dedicated cinema room.
Sound advice, open discussions, practical recommendation, dedicated installation team, superb service before and after sales, are all traits of Mervyn and his team. Add humility and friendliness from them and what could be a harrowing project became a very pleasant undertaking.
We are enjoying the setup every day.
Our setup involves having a 100" AT screen over a bay window and a 7.2.4 speaker setup
Thank you, Mervyn and team

- Mr Seow

"Bought a pair of legacy expression speakers, Yamaha receiver and XTZ subwoofer from Tritone recently and I highly recommend Tritone to everyone!
They are very knowledgeable in what they do. They don’t talk or behave like typical salesmen because all of them are musicians and they totally understand what a Musician(I am a Musician myself) wants! They recommend their products based on my Budget and were not at all pushing me to purchase higher end products. Even though I did not buy the very high end speakers, they still offer me to enjoy their very high end speakers in their showroom.
Service was TOP notch! Delivery was on time although they were very busy with other projects. Installation was smooth and neat.. they make my tv console area so neat and tidy! 😍
The speakers are amazing! Highly satisfying listening experience. I can listen to them all day without getting tired!
If you are buying or changing speakers do not hesitate to drop by their cosy showroom and experience their awesome speakers."
- Mr. YX Wong

TriTone has impressed me with their depth of technical knowledge and prompt service..
They have always been ready to respond to my needs with great advice and solutions.
- Dr. L Kuek

"Mervyn & the TriTone team have helped me understand the art and science of music appreciation, from the recording process, the engineering, mastering, and pressing. This has helped me love my system more. TriTone even invited me to a live saxophone recording in their listening space and without editing, demonstrated the precise reproduction of his system. It was spot­-on.
I have spent more than 20 years in this hobby, buying and selling, and losing value of my components in the process. From the time I was introduced to Mervyn, my system has only grown better. I stopped moving sideways.
We developed my room, with partial acoustic treatment, diffusing and absorbing, and to fine tune it to a "T", we added a Room Correction DSP into it, the frequency response in­room was treated to +-/­3.25dB. Best investment I made in my system.
Months later, he developed an idea of personalised listening, and formulated a way to conduct tests on my listening, he voiced my system from the results of my test. I have to say, it is leaps and bounds better than any system I've heard, even at three times the price, or at least as good. My current system is worth almost $100,000, mono­blocks and the works. I have no desire of changing my system now. It is so good. Okay, hopefully those Legacy speakers soon!
- Mr. LC Wong 

"During the whole process of buying our first home to renovations, Joseph and I have had to engage services and help from many people. Without a doubt, TriTone has provided one of the most exceptional service and experience. Many thanks to Mervyn, Melodie and Bryan! The three of them worked tirelessly till past 10pm to set up our sound system and wifi. They are dedicated, attentive to details and committed to giving the best they can - no matter how big or small the job. I will not hesitate to recommend them to friends and family! Thank you TriTone!"
- Dr. Liew

"Did up my entire home audio system + Home theater with tritone. Mervyn and his team are knowledgeable, professional, and sincere.
From the overall system design, to customization of my garden speaker solutions - tritone delivered above my expectation, at great value too might I add.
Thanks for everything Mervyn, Bryan, & Melodie 👌"
- Mr. FW Pang

Everyone that comes to our home loves the sound system design by tritone. All our rooms have speakers that is control by the Yamaha console and the app. For a non-IT savvy user like us, it’s amazing how simple we can control all our rooms sound system via the app. And of course, tritone has great folks that attend to us promptly. It’s was a great experience having them and I would strongly recommend tritone to any home/ commercial users! Cheers!
- Ms A. Poh

I was chalking up $140-180 in hp bills every month for nearly a year, rooted it down to WiFi coverage within my house (5 rm HDB in Bishan) as the phone switches to 4G, excess data charges. This was also affecting my parents hp bills. Tried getting Singtel to sort the problem out a few times but it never got anywhere. The vendors they engage seem disinterested in solving the root cause. Reached out to Tritone for help and I’m really glad I did.
What I like most is the way they work is that they came prepared. The mesh was configured prior to setup. Took less than an hour for James to hook it up and trouble shoot which was great. Main time was spent testing where the mesh nodes should be placed for best coverage.
Been using the mesh for the past 6 months and haven’t had any issues. They even checked up about a week or so into setup as well. They didn’t need to but were just happy to hear things were working well. These guys know their stuff, like what they do, and want to help sort things out. Genuine and really helpful. Bills dropped to almost half now. No regrets.

- Mr. JL Addison

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