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One of our MESH systems work with a dedicated wireless backhaul for the modular MESH structures, this is very useful for homes that already have been built, and would like to avoid re­laying and setting up points in the blind spots of the home or office. The second advantage is that this backhaul which is a tri­-band technology allows a faster, more robust communication speed when using this approach.

Our Pre­-Planned MESH system allows us to plan based on the floor plan, furniture layout, materials, and cater to the space. These systems can be planned for optimally 5 GHz blanket coverage for maximum speed, or 5 GHz in key areas, and 2.4 GHz to the rest of the blanket coverage throughout the home. Pre­-Planned MESH uses hardwire to the most optimum and reliable connection. 

Welcome to tritone CONNECT. The premium networking solution provider and PIONEERS of MESH networks implementation.

Our BESPOKE networking solutions ranges from sophisticated simplicity to advanced sophisticated security. From bespoke Servers, Media Archival Systems, to bespoke networking systems, tailoring strength of MESH modules, to modular retrofit or wireless mesh modules.

Here's a video to explain one of our Connect networking solutions : 


Whether you are using the 5 GHz band or the 2.4 GHz band, your networking system can show a single SSID. Should you require a separate network for guests, our systems allows us to create a separate network remotely, if ever a need arises to separate your main network and your guests' usages. Typical networking systems tend to show multiple SSIDs; first of all, in a small system, you will commonly find a 2.4 GHz network or a 5 GHz network to join. Secondly, in larger homes, each area would tend to have their own network name: "Guest Bedroom Wifi", or "Master Bedroom Wifi" and the like. This is cumbersome, clumsy, and problematic with interferences. Streamline this into a single network name.


Our MESH systems intelligently communicates to your mobile device, be it an iPhone, iPad, or an Android to hop to the strongest access point, so the networking experience is a seamless one. You do not have to reselect another SSID on your settings when you feel the connection is weak, nor do you have to experience a dropout.

tritone CONNECT makes technology work for you. There's hardly anything to learn, just effortlessly use the networking system while it remains invisible from hassle. Just like it should be. 

ViewQwest provides the most consistent and reliable internet service going in to residential property. Since being happy with ViewQwest's service and support, tritone has partnered with ViewQwest to make your internet perform the way it always should, and allows our network systems to flourish. Our plan is named "tritone" when you sign up directly through ViewQwest. Or we can help you too! Just reach us and we'll guide you through the sign-up process.

ViewQwest also provides better, friendlier options for media especially if you are into Netflix, Disney +, Hulu, HBO, and other geographical selective streaming services.