Maxwell Series Custom Install Speakers all feature fiberglass/Kevlar® laminate cone woofers consistent with the Classic Loudspeaker line-up. They are engineered for powerful, high-performance music or home theater entertainment to put you front row, center at your favorite concert or recreate a truly cinematic experience. They’ve been developed using the same award-winning technology as our other loudspeaker products to deliver dazzling sound while keeping the design elements of your home sacred.

Custom Install : Maxwell

KLH Classic Loudspeakers are exceptional in price to performance. It is extremely rare to find floor standing loudspeakers digging to 25Hz deep at a +/-3dB frequency response, and at 96 dB / W / m, at such incredibly reasonable prices. These specifications come from the Kendall Floorstands. The other models offer similar voicings and other attributes in a proportionate scale, with the same build quality across their line. The KLH speakers come with a massive 10-year warranty on top of all that. Explore the KLH Classic Loudspeaker Line, and their impressive price to performance ratio. 

Classic Loudspeakers

The Ultimate One Headphones feature an over-ear, open-back design with a 50mm pure beryllium driver. The headband and ear pads feature soft lambskin inner sections for ultimate comfort, with cowhide leather outer sections for lasting durability. Real wood ear cups are available in ebony ($299.99) and zebra wood (special order $379.99). Frequency response is rated at 18Hz-22kHz.

Features : 

• 50mm Pure Beryllium Driver.

• Headband & Earpads use premium lambskin and top-grade cowhide leathers with dual-layer memory foam for ultimate comfort and maximum durability.

• Solid, Real Ebony wood earcups for eye-catching beauty and acoustic integrity.

• Extremely comfortable and lightweight at only 12 ounces/340grams.

• 32 Ohm impedance

• 97 dB sensitivity

• Frequency response: 18 Hz to 22kHz +/- 3db

• 108 db SPL

• 2 meter detachable, 3.5mm pure silver-litz braided cable (¼” adapter included)

• KLH Branded, hard-sided black leather travel case plus a luxuriously soft velour carry bag.

• 2-year Warranty

The KLH Model Five is the new shape of sound. This legendary, sought-after speaker is dedicated to acoustic performance. Our new, iconic version of this late 1960s original roots directly from the heart of KLH, honoring the acoustic suspension design principles made famous by KLH founder, Henry Kloss. Our evolved Model Five gives music lovers the luxury of filling their living space with the sound and aesthetic they've been searching for. Standing strong on a 5-degree slant riser base, the speaker's upward angular stance ensures the sound is always directed accurately toward the listener. 

Headphone : Ultimate ONE

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Iconic Reissue

KLH is an audio company founded in 1957 as KLH Research and Development Corporation in Cambridge, Massachusetts, by Henry Kloss, Malcolm S. Low, and Josef Anton Hofmann. KLH was the largest loudspeaker company in the world, employing over 500 people and shipping over 30,000 speakers a year to retailers and distributors throughout six continents. KLH has deep roots firmly planted in high-fidelity sound reproduction as a ground-breaking company of firsts, launching the first-ever high-selectivity FM table radio, the Model Eight, and the first full-range electrostatic loudspeaker, the Model Nine, highly regarded by the audiophile community and picked by Neil Gader of The Absolute Sound as “one of the twelve best loudspeakers ever built”, the first portable solid state record player named the Model Eleven, and introduced Ray Dolby of Dolby Laboratories, to the consumer product market through the first reel-to-reel tape recorder featuring the Dolby noise reduction, the Model Forty. KLH also introduced some of the best-selling loudspeakers in the world over the course of many years, most notably, the Model Five, Model Six, and Model Seventeen, featuring the acoustic suspension loudspeaker design originally developed by Edgar Villchur and our founder Henry Kloss.

Some of the rich history of KLH is highlighted below. An example of special note is The Classic Speaker Pages, an excellent resource for not only the KLH brand also other manufacturers and models as well.

Henry Kloss, American audio engineer and entrepreneur, advanced high fidelity loudspeaker and radio receiver technology, starting in the 1950s. Along with Malcolm S. Low, and Josef Anton Hofmann, the trio founded KLH in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Kloss formed a working relationship with Arthur Janszen, who developed the Model Nine full-range electrostatic loudspeaker under the KLH brand. Thousands of these innovative speakers were sold in the late 1950s, and are considered by audiophiles to be one of the best performing loudspeakers of the 20th century. Henry Kloss himself was responsible for advances in acoustic suspension design, along with other innovations that earned him a place in the Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame.

In January of 2017, KLH was purchased by Kelley Global Brands, owned by CEO David Kelley, audio industry veteran and entrepreneur. KLH is now located in Noblesville, Indiana, and is launching a brand new line of high-fidelity loudspeakers. The company will also feature a newly engineered version of the famous Model Nine loudspeaker at the Consumer Electronics Show in January of 2018.