Legacy Audio handcrafts the finest loudspeakers available. The quality standard is the same for our flagship commercial doubleHELIX system as our STUDIO bookshelf system. Our speakers are renowned for establishing reference level performance in home theater and audiophile settings.

We take great pride in building each pair of speakers as though we were building them for ourselves.  Our speakers consistently provide wider bandwidth, lower distortion, greater efficiency and higher reliability than our competition.  Our 7 year performance guarantee assures your Legacy speakers will provide the highest level of enjoyment. 

Celebrate with us three decades of relentless pursuit of perfection in audio reproduction. A product platform unequalled in terms of aesthetics, build quality, sonic performance and technology.

A passion to advance the field of audio motivated engineer Bill Dudleston to combine his efforts with those of a stubborn Dutch craftsman, Jacob Albright. From a garage amidst the cornfields of the mid-west, they began their remarkable quest. An uncanny understanding of physics and fluid modeling, combined with good old-fashioned hard work and craftsmanship, allowed the team to first produce the renowned Legacy-1. Word soon spread through audiophiles and the press of a little company in Illinois who designed the world’s best loudspeakers.

Legacy continues to push the envelope in acoustic design. Just as in the beginning, our doors are open and all are invited to hear our fine products and see how they are built. We continue to focus on customer service, and still build each pair of loudspeakers as though we were building them for ourselves.





As a pioneer in DSP applications, Legacy Audio has developed an arsenal of acoustic solutions to provide wide frequency response with unprecedented directivity control. From the Wavelaunch Processor to the latest Legacy Wavelet DAC/Preamp/Crossover, Legacy DSP Solutions provide forward thinking technology to solve today's problems with user friendly smartphone, tablet, and computer integration. Our amplifiers are specially designed for optimum performance with Legacy Audio speakers.



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​The first two octaves contain the natural weight and drama of a musical passage.  Legacy subwoofers deliver the essential suspense and impact of music and theater without common overhang and droning of other subs.  Bass emerges from the subterranean, delivering rhythmic bounce and speed. The GOLIATH XD is the ultimate in bass with Legacy’s dynamic braking control.   The XTREME XD is capable of deep thunderous bass and when paired with our WHISPER XD, they represent the state of the art in low frequency reproduction. The new FOUNDATION can rock with the best of them, while the new METRO XD is an unprecedented value in a more compact design.

​Choosing a center channel to enhance your front speakers is important.  The center channel speaker is about much more than just dialogue.  It allows deeper dimensional panning and stabilizes the center stage for multiple listeners.

Legacy offers the MARQUIS XD for the ultimate in full range performance, while the SILVERSCREEN HD is robust enough to keep up with any of our towers.  For built-in applications the SILHOUETTE CENTER is the low profile, high performance choice.  When size is an issue, the compact CINEMA HD will fit in most any application.


The main left and right speakers are the heart and soul of any audio system.  Legacy provides solid performance from the bookshelf sized Studio HD to their flagship Valor Speaker System. With each progressive step up in the Legacy line, bass will extend deeper, dynamic range will grow and distortion will fade further into the background.

No matter what size you choose, rest assured that pound for pound, dollar for dollar, Legacy performance will not be surpassed.

The side and rear channels provide the spatial cues and ambiance that immerse us in the recording venue.  Legacy offers more high performance solutions for side and rear channels than anyone.  The PHANTOM HD is the ultimate side/rear speaker with its angled baffle and side-firing array.
The DECO excels where wall space is too restricted to allow for a side-firing array.  The SILHOUETTE is a full range speaker delivering the performance of a tower while neatly inset into the wall. The elegantly styled speaker provides no compromise performance in an artful 4.5" deep on-wall/in-wall design. The robust driver complement and special electrical network result in a speaker that does not sound like an on-wall with staging beyond the wall.