If you're searching for natural sound and modern design, the Spirit series is the perfect choice. Due to the custom designed Drive Units which were developed for this series, the loudspeakers play with the highest fidelity. In the mid and high frequencies, the speakers are capable of a high dynamic range as well as a very natural sound by virtue of the ornate crossover filter and the waveguide technology. The bass drivers have a long linear excursion, to ensure deep and articulate bass reproduction for optimal listening pleasure. The cabinets feature multiple internal bracing to achieve a non resonant cabinet.
To showcase the quality of the Spirit series, the cabinets are painted with a perfectly finished multi-layer paint which make the speakers aesthetically appealing in a domestic environment.

For the past 30 years, my team and I have been designing premium audio products for those in pursuit of pristine quality. From my teenage years, I have devoted my life to music and the reproduction of sound. After completing my electronics studies, I started working in the industry and my passion for high fidelity sound led me to establish XTZ to deliver an experience that is powerful and accurate. Since it’s inception, XTZ has put emphasis on building a global network of engineers, technicians and producers who recognise the importance of great audio quality. A passion for auditory content, combined with the experience of an extraordinary team, allows XTZ to offer high-end, yet affordable products. Starting with high fidelity monitoring options, the XTZ portfolio has diversified to include home theatre speakers, sub-woofers, amplifiers, measuring equipment and headphones. As the primary choice for those seeking great audio quality, I, under the XTZ umbrella, am proud to offer a product range that reflects my personality, who I am and what I stand for. Life is short, and we should enjoy it. - Olla Eliasson Founder and Chief Executive Officer 

This brand new amplifier was created upon the great heritage of XTZ in amplification technology and electrical devices. Crossing the gap between a nearly never ending source of power with its 2 x 300W on 4Ohm when its needed and a vanishingly small power consumption (up to 90% efficiency and 0,27W in standby mode), the EDGE A2-300 marks the epoch of a totally new generation of amplifiers. Besides the performance it is also the sound quality in which the latest ICEpower® Class-D technology outweights the traditional ways of amplification. Among the many advantages of the used technologies, the amplifier produces high dynamic range and a very low amplifier output impedance resulting in highly precise bass control and very low distortion, superior to Class AB. Although these impressive specifications imply a large and unwieldy housing, the EDGE A2-300 features an extremely stiff compact cabinet out of aluminum and steel which provides a high mechanical stability, adequate cooling and even rack mounting possibilities.




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Explore XTZ's wide offerings of subwoofers. XTZ Subwoofers offer flexible configurations with sealed options and EQ within the individual plate amplifiers to optimise sound in various room conditions. 

The SPIRIT Subwoofer is an affordable 12" option, while the more elaborate .17 series caters for XLR inputs and higher power ratings, and deeper frequency response. The Cinema series is great for modular set ups, featuring 1 x 12" that's stackable, or the world-renowned 3 x 12" subs that are configurable to

12 x 12 in a line array, perfect for multi-tiered Private Cinemas. 

The XTZ Subwoofers are perfectly finished in their own offerings, from matte black / white / gloss.